Beach and Sea

Pineto has been one of the best beaches in Italy since 2006. It holds the record of the "Blue Flag" in Abruzzo thanks to the quality of the water and of the surrounding environment. The crystal clear sea, the pristine beach and the over 4 km of pine forest that run along the seaside are unique elements, rarely to be found on the Adriatic coast. The protected marine area of "Torre del Cerrano" is the first marine protected area of Abruzzo and of the middle Adriatic Sea. It borders 7 kilometers of coastline and, in recent years, it has allowed the safeguarding and restocking of the marine ecosystem.

Biking, walking and running

There is a bike and pedestrian path that extends north to south for over 10 kilometers, four of which are bordered by an historic pine forest just a few steps from the sea. This is a perfect environment for many sports activities: biking, running or simply walking to regain strength or relaxing while waiting for the event to start. For the fearless ones a Park Adventure is available in the Filiani Park, just a short walk from the city center.

Excursions and surrounding

The surrounding area is rich in historical and natural value. Within minutes you can reach many points of interest (on foot, by bike or by car). Among the closest alternatives it is possible to visit the “costa dei trabocchi”, the reserve of Atri’s badlands and the ancient villages only a few km away such as Mutignano, Silvi alta and Atri. Otherwise, you can choose to discover the inland landscapes, with the many natural reserves and the Gran Sasso mountain.

Riserva dei calanchi (10 min)

Costa dei Trabocchi (1 ora)

Rocca calascio (1 ora e 15m)